Motorcycle Gear is a blog about gear and apparel used in motorcycling. We also cover other personal protective equipment such as helmets and gloves that can be used in many various ways including ATV, motorsports and other outdoor sports. We have passion for finding the best protective equipment for motorcycling and other activities since they protects our bodies and eventually our lives.

This site is ment for people who have interest in protecting their bodies against the wild and rash world but still would like to enjoy the great fun that is being achieved from motorsports or other such extreme sports. We have our own experiences against the cruel world and that gives us a good chance of giving you great reviews of products. We make sure every product we review on this site gets a fair judgement and we will try to suggest something better if we know of it.

We encourage you to follow the ratings and reviews of this site and buy yourself a good piece of equipment to protect yourself. Since after all it is your life that is hanging in the balance and a good set of right apparel can save it. We are drivers ourselves and we know the risks that are in that area of fun.

Here at Motorcycle Gear we try to give as many reviews as we can of good products and also the bad ones since those are the ones you should be aware of. Remember the cheap is not always the best. You can use the comments in every post to join the conversation and we will surely answer you. If you wish to get to us more privately, you can do so through our contact form.

We hope you enjoy our content and our thoughts on motorcycle apparel and personal protective equipment. Please listen to our reviews and you will surely be safer in the world and can continue enjoy the great funs of motorsports and other such activities.